Protect your builds and your chests!

The basics

On Luma, claiming is done through Towny. You'll need to join a town or create one with /t new <name> . Keep in mind that when creating a town the location you are currently at will become your homeblock. You can change this later! (See our other page here for more info on Towny)

A single Town claim is one full chunk (16x16x320). You can see chunk borders by pressing F3 + G at the same time on your keyboard.

Town claims must be attatched to edges of other claims you have. Meaning you must claim from chunk to chunk. Example: You'll have to have at least one claimed chunk attatched to a new chunk you want to claim to be able to claim it. To spread out away from your homeblock and claim farms or other chunks away from your town you can use /t claim outpost to claim an outpost. Outposts can be claimed even if there is not an already claimed chunk attatched to them. From there you can use /t claim to expand your outpost claim! View all of your towns outposts with /t outpost list . If you're claiming at or near your homeblock (/t spawn) you can use

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