⚒️Custom Tools

LumaMC has many distinctive tools and sets, categorized into groups based on their rarities. These coveted items can be acquired through a diverse range of methods, adding a layer of excitement and variety to weapons and tools!


Relics are items that can be obtained through killing mobs! Consisting of mostly vanilla enchants, they may not be as strong as Lunar or Astral tools, however, they can still be super helpful and valuble!

The three rarities of Relics are:

  • Nova (rare)

  • Pulsar (uncommon)

  • Solar (common)

The higher the rarity of the relic, the more valuble the enchants will be!

Lunar Tools

Lunar tools are the highest value relic being the most strong, and powerful weapons before Astral tools!

Lunar tools are obtained through a 'Lunar Orb' which you can get through crates, or by crafting!

The crafting recipe is as follows:

Surround a Lunar core with 8 Relic shards to get a Lunar Orb!

Astral Tools

The highest-level items available through Orbs are Astral Tools! These tools often come in sets, so try to collect them all! Some sets have set bonuses, meaning that wearing the entire set will grant extra benefits!

You can obtain Astral Orbs through crates or by crafting them!

Surround an Astral core with 8 Relic shards to get an Astral Orb!


You can bring any relics, lunar items, or astral items to the disassembler and have them disassembled for relic shards and various loot!

Simply hold your item, and click the disassembler to use it!

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