LumaMC functions on a player-based economy! This means that players will dictate prices for the things that they feel are or are not valuble!

The economy celebrates creativity and flexibility. Players not only contribute to the ever-evolving virtual economy but also cultivate a lively and varied in-game community.


Auction House

Players have the option of selling items on the auction house! To view the auction house, simply type /ah in the game! The Auction House provides individuals with the freedom to list items of their choosing at prices they set.

To initiate the sale of an item on the Auction House, hold the chosen item in your hand and execute /ah sell [price]



Enderchest: Check what listings you have that are expired

Diamond: Check what listings you are currently selling

Hopper: Filters through items on the auction house

Paper: Checks transaction history


As players rank up, they also can unlock more auction house slots!

!! - Must be Quantum rank to unlock auction house

Quantum - Nebula: 1 ah slot

Interlude - Cosmos: 3 ah slots

Serene: 5 ah slots

Singularity - Odyssey: 7 ah slots

Eclipsed: 8 ah slots

Arcane: 4 ah slots

Divine - Luminal: 6 ah slots

Seraphic: 8 ah slots

Ethereal: 9 ah slots


Chest Shops

The Player Shops feature serves as an excellent tool, empowering players to establish their stores where they can buy and sell an assortment of items!

Good to know:

/ls <item_name> - Search for shops selling an item

/lb <item_name> - Search for shops buying an item

/chestshop help - For a list of all chest shop commands

To set up your shop, first, place the chest in the desired location. Then, with the item you want to sell or buy in hand, perform a shift-left-click on the chest. A prompt will appear in the chat, asking for the selling or buying price of the item—enter the desired amount.

Once you've specified the price, simply stock the chest with the items you are selling, and your shop is ready to go!

Buying: Left-click the sign and click the change button next to Shop Mode in the chat.

Edit price: left-click the sign and select the change button next to Price, then input the new amount.



Lumins, on LumaMC, serve as a secondary currency that can be acquired through various means, including chat games, daily rewards, voting, and occasionally through jobs!

Explore the Lumin shop to discover a bunch of items available for purchase using Lumins! This in-game currency opens up opportunities for players to obtain unique and valuable items.


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