Embark on an epic quest to unveil the hidden recipes of alchemy scattered across diverse maps. Add these mystical recipes to your recipe book and strive to collect them all!

You'll experience the art of potion brewing, witness the aging of drinks, engage in distillation, and encounter a mesmerizing array of after-effects!

Getting Resources


Potion recipes are scattered across the different worlds and can be found inside loot chests (Ex: Desert Temple chests)! Each recipe will include a set of specific ingredients and instructions for the potion! To view your recipes, obtain a recipe book from the Brewmaster at /brewing !


From common items like sugar to the more valuable and elusive components, the diverse array of ingredients adds an exciting layer to potion crafting. They can all be found throughout the worlds.


Here are some items needed to create potions:

  • cauldron

  • water

  • brewing stand

  • clock

Brewing Potions

Get started by Placing a fire underneath a cauldron! Make sure to fill the cauldron with water. This will act as your base to brew potions!

Grab your recipe, and put all ingredients inside the cauldron as listed! Once all your ingredients are in the cauldron, simply right-click with the clock to start the timer!

Once enough time has passed (as listed in your recipe) grab the cauldron beverage with water bottles!

However, some drinks don't finish here. Some require you to age or distill the beverage!


To distill a drink, simply put them into an alchemy stand, and put glowstone into them! This should yield new drinks!

Aging Drinks

To age drinks, you need to use a barrel.

To create a barrel, simply place stairs in the same way as seen in the below pictures, and then place a sign on the bottom right corner with the words "barrel" and a message in chat should confirm the barrel's creation.

To use the barrel, simply right-click on the barrel and place the drinks inside! Leave the drinks inside for as long as the recipe calls! Over or under aging your drinks will have adverse effects, so make sure to follow the recipe times!

Drunken Effects

Drinking specific drinks may affect your alcohol percentage! Careful not to drink too much or you'll be stumbling around! It's a dynamic element that adds a touch of realism and unpredictability to your adventures in LumaMC.

Still need help?

Outside resources for Brewery can be found on the internet in the form on videos and guides!

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