📕Farms & Limits

To ensure a fair experience and also prevent lag from being a concern on Luma, we must enforce hard limits on entities and certain block types. The limits for each are listed below:

Entity Limits *A group is defined as a collection of entities within a specific radius. Example: A group of 10 zombies spread out 8 blocks away from a group of 20 zombies wouldn't be trimmed but a group of 30 zombies would.

  • Common mobs (animals, monsters, fish, ambient, raiders) are all limited under a 20 group limit per 8 blocks.

  • Domestic mobs (villagers, tameables, golems) are all limited under a 45 group limit per 6 blocks.

  • Vehicle entities (minecarts, hopper minecarts, boats) are all limited under a 15 limit per 20 blocks.

Block Limits

*A chunk is a 16x320x16 region spread out across all worlds in Minecraft. You can see individual chunks by enabling the F3+G debug menu.

  • Redstone blocks are limited under a 70 block limit per chunk.

  • Beds are limited under a 20 block limit per chunk.

  • Hoppers are limited under a 20 block limit per chunk.

  • Tiles are limited under a 256 block limit per chunk.

  • Spawners are limited under an 8 block limit per chunk.

Updated: 3/26/24

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