🏡Towny Basics

Towny lets players create and manage towns, with mayors setting rules, inviting residents, and creating a fun community!

You must be at least Quantum rank to create a town!



Heres a list of the most important towny commands:

/town - Shows status of town /res list - Shows all residents /t online - Shows online residents /t leave - leave a town /t rank add [player] - add a rank to a town member /t rank list - show all ranks in the town /t claim - claim a chunk for a town /t delete - deletes your town /t unclaim - unclaims a chunk from the town /t outlaw add/remove - outlaws a specific person from the town /t trust add [player] - trusts a player to the town /t join [town] - Join a specific town /tc - Talk in town chat



Outposts can be used to claim areas not directly linked to your town! Here are some commands regarding outposts:

/t outpost claim - Allows the town to claim an outpost

/t outpost list - Lists all the towns outposts



Town upkeep is a part of town maintenance. If you fail to pay your town upkeep, the town will fall into ruin! You can pay your towny upkeep by putting money into your town bank using /t deposit [amount]. Check /towny prices for more info!


Managing Members

New Members

You can invite players to your town using the /t invite [player] command! The player can accept using /t accept.


Plots are town blocks that can be given or sold to town members. See /plot ? for plot attributes. You can set up a town outpost using the /t set outpost command and can see all saved town outposts using the /t outpost list command.


Chest Protections

To grant a player access to all your protections, utilize the /trust add [player] command, and then choose either /trust confirm or /trust deny to approve or reject the trust request. Players can also use the /c modify [player] command to give access to only a specific protection.

You can also use the /unlock command to unlock a protection.

The following are blocks that will automatically create a protection lock when placed:

  • Lecterns, Shulkers, Furnaces, Blast Furnaces, Smokers, Droppers, Dispensers, Composters, Chests, Trapped Chests, Barrels.



!! - Must be singularity rank to create a nation

Nations consist of collections of towns governed by a singular monarch. These nations offer additional town blocks that can be utilized by all towns within the nation.

You can invite as many towns as you desire to join your nation, and the quantity of towns within a nation directly correlates with the increased allocation of town blocks for each town.

Nation commands

/nation invite [town] - Invite a town to your nation

/nation deposit/withdraw [amount] - Withdraw or Deposit money into nation bank

/nation add/kick [town] - Add or remove a town from your nation

/nation rank add/remove [player] - Rank a player in your nation

/nation new [name] - Create a new nation

/nation townlist - Shows all towns within a nation

/nation [name] - Shows a specific nations status

/nation join [nation] - Join open nation

/nation list - List all nations


Detailed list of commands

Here are links to a webpage displaying all towny commands! The shorter list has the most important commands a player may need!

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