🐠Fishing Competitions

Engage in thrilling fishing contests to reel in custom fish and vie for enticing prizes!

The first, second, and third-place winners of these contests earn in-game money as a rewarding incentive. Check the leaderboard with /fs!

Boost your earnings by selling your catch using commands such as /fish sell or /sf, allowing you to sell specified fish or all items in your inventory!

Competitions occur every hour, so make sure you don't miss them!



  • Most Fish Contest:

    • Participants vie to catch the highest number of fish within the contest duration.

  • Largest Fish Contest:

    • Participants compete to land the biggest fish in this exciting challenge.

  • 15 Min Fishing Contest:

    • Fishing contests started through fish flakes (most number of fish caught)



During the fishing contests, there are different rarities of fish. The higher the rarity, the more value the fish is worth.

Here are the rarities from least to most:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

  • Mythic

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