mcMMO adds a skill system into Minecraft allowing the development of skills such as mining, fishing, cooking, and much much more! As these skills progress, players unlock special abilities and perks related to the specific skill set.



mcMMO brings so many benefits to the table after enhancing your skill level! Don't forget to check /mcmmo for more information and a list of all benefits!

Mining - The mining skill is dedicated to extracting valuable ore and stone yielding a larger potential harvest from each ore, further augmented by the activation of specific skills.

Woodcutting - As your woodcutting skill advances, the odds of obtaining additional wood from trees increase, and the duration of the tree feller ability extends.

Herbalism - Herbalism relates to breaking and planting crops, in late development granting potential for auto drops, auto replants, and much much more.

Excavation - Involves digging blocks like sand or dirt, at high levels, can dig up treasures like diamonds and other items.

Fishing - Fishing is a lucrative skill, offering valuable loot and increasing the chances of landing rare catches. Additionally, the Shake ability allows players to gather drops from creatures without engaging in combat.

Unarmed - The unarmed combat skill utilizes the player's bare hands as a formidable weapon, providing numerous benefits such as disarming opponents, arrow deflection, and much more.

Archery - Archery focuses on causing damage through the use of bows and arrows.

Swords - Swords have to do with of course, swords! Adds Rupture effects to attacks and the ability to block opponent hits.

Axes - The axe tool serves as a weapon. Provides critical hits and the ability to swiftly penetrate armor. The active ability allows for dealing area-of-effect (AoE) damage.

Taming - Taming is a skill where wolves gain enhanced damage, defense, and other stats.

Repair - Mends tools and armor using iron blocks.

Acrobatics - Relates to fall damage. Has a chance to ignore, or minimize fall damage.

Salvage - Salvage recovers raw materials from armor and tools.

Smelting - Smelting, a subset of mining and repair, averages the parent skill levels to determine effectiveness.

Alchemy - Alchemy is a diverse skill centered around potion-making. Leveling up is achieved through brewing and potion-making.


Special Abilities

Each special ability needs a specific tool to work with the job, below listed are the ability, and then what tool is needed.

Berserk (unarmed) : /

Green Thumb (Herbalism) : Seeds

Giga Drill Breaker (Excavation) : Shovel

Green Terra (Herbalism) : Hoe

Tree Feller (Woodcutting) : Axe

Skull Splitter (Axe) : Axe

Super Breaker (Mining) : Pickaxe

Serrated Strike (Swords) : Sword



Unlocking specific McMMO abilities and gaining experience is possible through Job Perks as well.

  • Alchemist Level 45:

    • Unlocks 500 mcMMO Alchemy Levels, providing a substantial boost to alchemical expertise.

  • Lumberjack Level 35:

    • Grants access to the mcMMO Treefeller Ability, enhancing woodcutting operations.

  • Farmer Level 45:

    • Unlocks 500 mcMMO Farmer Levels (helps player reach 1500 levels needed for herbalism auto replant)


Passive Abilities

Some jobs have passive abilities, meaning that they can occur without the player activating them! Check out /mcmmo to learn about the passive abilities for each job.


Helpful Commands

/mcstats - heck personal McMMO stats.

/mcmmo - View all McMMO commands.

/mctop - Shows McMMO stats leaderboards.

/mcinfo [ability] - View what each McMMO ability does.

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