⭐ Getting Started


Random Teleports

Embark on your adventure by kickstarting the material-gathering phase! Utilize the convenient /rtp command to effortlessly teleport across the diverse worlds our server offers.

Main World, Nether, and End:

Here, you have the freedom to initiate your own town or become a part of an existing one, fostering collaboration and community building.

Seasons World:

❄️Seasons World

Resource World and Resource Nether:

Here you can collect any resources or materials! The world resets at the end of every month allowing you to discover new places to loot and explore! Just make sure not to build any permanent builds here!



LumaMC has a built-in feature that allows you to view all worlds on a map! The map shows other players, player builds, and claimed regions. You can access the map by typing /map in-game or clicking the following link:



Choose a job to kickstart your earnings! Employ the /jobs command to peruse various job options and select the one that aligns with your skills and interests! To generate income through jobs, simply perform job-specific actions—like farming for Farmer.

Obtaining Job slots

You can increase the number of job slots you have through ranking up! Here are the number of job slots for each rank:

Origin - Genesis : 1 Job

Quantum - Cosmos : 2 Jobs

Serene - Epiphany : 3 Jobs

Odyssey - Eclipsed : 4 Jobs

Ethereal : 4 Jobs

Job Types

⚗️ Alchemist | Earn money from brewing potions

🛠️ Blacksmith | Earn money from smelting ores and crafting armor

🏠 Builder | Earn money by placing blocks

🍳 Cook | Earn money by crafting and cooking food

⛏️ Miner | Earn money by mining

🪵Lumberjack | Earn money by cutting and smelting wood

🏔️ Digger | Earn money for digging and smelting

🍉 Farmer | Earn money for planting and breaking crops

🐠 Fisherman | Earn money by fishing

⚔️ Hunter | Earn money by killing mobs

Important Commands

/jobs- Access a menu with all jobs

/jobperks- Lists job perks at specific levels

/jobs join [jobname]- Join a job

/jobs leave [jobname]- Leave a job

/jobs gtop- Shows jobs leaderboard

/jobs top <jobname>- Views job leaderboard for a specific job

/jobs stats <player>- View another player's job levels

/jobs browse- Displays all jobs and their max levels and job actions

/jobs clearownership- Clears all owned job blocks (ex. Furnace) ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Auction House

The auction house is accessible with the \ah command. It allows players to sell items to other players for a specific price! Sell using the command /ah sell [price]

Each rank has a specific amount of auction house slots:

Quantum - Nebula : 1 Slot

Interlude - Cosmos : 3 Slots

Serene : 5 Slots

Singularity - Odyssey : 7 Slots

Arcane : 4 Slots

Divine - Luminal : 6 Slots

Seraphic : 8 Slots

Ethereal : 9 Slots



Towny lets players create and manage towns, with mayors setting rules, inviting residents, and creating a fun community! Follow our Towny guide here:

🏡Towny Basics



Support the server by voting! In return, receive vote crate keys brimming with fantastic rewards. Cast your vote in-game using /vote or consult our guide for more details.

✉️ Voting









/end ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Chat Channels

/g - General chat

/tr - Trade chat

/tc - Town chat

/nc - Nation chat

/lc - Local chat

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