Guidelines for Conduct

In our community, we emphasize the importance of respectful behavior towards both fellow players and staff members. It is imperative to refrain from any form of rudeness or disrespect, including:

  • Spreading rumors.

  • Disrespecting or slandering towns, nations, staff, or fellow players.

  • Use of offensive language or engagement in discussions on sensitive topics.

  • Excessive swearing directed towards another player.

  • Any manifestation of harassment.

  • Actions or content that can be considered inappropriate.

  • Engaging in any form of bullying.

  • Displaying racism, homophobia, or any other form of discrimination.

  • Sharing personal information of other players, such as real names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

  • Creating offensive content, including skins, usernames, builds, items, messages, etc.

  • Any actions that can be interpreted as a threat.

Store Purchases and Personalized Tag Guidelines

To ensure a smooth and fair shopping experience, please be aware of the following guidelines regarding store purchases and personalized tags: Store Purchases:

  • All store purchases are non-refundable. In case of errors, staff will assist in resolving the issue. Staff reserves the right to accept or deny any refund request for any reason.

  • Activating a chargeback will result in an immediate permanent IP ban, and any claim to the money will be forfeited.

Personalized Tags:

Personalized tags must adhere to the following rules:

  • The full tag will be in bold, in lettercase, and may only be 1 word

  • No additional effects

  • A maximum of 1 RGB color

  • Inappropriate or offensive words are forbidden

  • Event-related terms may be denied

  • Tag must be unique, anything existing in the server will be denied

  • Staff retains the right to reject any tag for any reason and can withdraw permission to a previously accepted tag at any time.

Crate Keys:

  • When purchasing crate keys, be aware that they grant random rewards, and you must accept associated risks. Item previews are available in the store and in-game.

Chat Guidelines

To maintain a positive and respectful community environment, please adhere to the following chat rules:

  • No spamming, including but not limited to:

  • Character spam.

  • Excessive capitalization or symbols filling chat.

  • Flooding chat.

  • Repeating the same message multiple times.

  • Swearing is permitted, provided it is in moderation, without the intent to hurt someone, and not targeted at another player.

  • Do not share your own or others' personal information.

  • Avoid controversial topics in general chat, including harmful substances, triggering experiences, etc.

  • Any form of staff/player impersonation is strictly prohibited.

  • Keep chat appropriate and respectful at all times.

  • Conversations in /general should be kept in English.

  • Refrain from engaging in any conversation that makes any player uncomfortable.

Construction Guidelines

In the realm of building, it is imperative to adhere to the following principles:

  • No offensive or inappropriate builds.

  • Respect the boundaries of other towns.

  • Avoid constructing within 10 chunks of someone else's build, unless explicit permission has been granted.

  • Prohibition of spider claiming. (Claiming chunks in an unusual way to cover the most land and prevent others from claiming)

  • Every chunk used for building must be properly claimed.

  • Avoid claiming public, server, or resource spots.

  • Do not take credit for someone else's work.

  • For permanent builds, it is advised to create them in Main Worlds to prevent deletion during Resource World resets.

  • Litematica is allowed for tracing schematics.

  • Easy Place is permissible but only for the purpose of building permanent structures or Mapart.

  • Any method utilizing building aids or mods in a way deemed as "exploiting" by staff is strictly prohibited.

Policy on Bugs and Glitches

Exploiting bugs is deemed an unfair advantage and will result in appropriate penalties. Such exploits include, but are not limited to:

  • Duplicating items.

  • Breaking blocks not meant to be broken.

  • Obtaining unobtainable blocks.

  • Gaining access to restricted areas.

  • Any action providing you or your town an advantage through a bug or glitch.

  • Attempting to bypass the anti AFK system.

It is crucial to promptly report any identified bugs or glitches to the staff as soon as possible.

Policy on Scamming

The act of scamming in any form is strictly prohibited. This encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • Creation of deceptive items meant to imitate valuable items or currency.

  • Taking advantage of new players.

  • Selling goods for an unreasonable amount of money, including listing items at exorbitant prices under the guise of "donation" items.

  • Establishing chest shops that buy items at ridiculously below market value.

  • Exploiting clearly incorrect pricing from a player, such as intentionally leaving a zero off a chest shop price.

  • Failure to fulfill agreements in player-to-player deals, the job must be completed, and the worker must be paid the full agreed-upon amount.

Advertising Guidelines

In adherence to a fair and respectful gaming environment, kindly adhere to the following advertising policies:

  • All in-game advertising should be conducted in the trade chat. Excessive or overly aggressive advertising will result in disciplinary action.

  • Prohibiting the advertisement of items on the auction house.

  • Strictly no advertising of other Minecraft servers or Discord servers. This includes mentioning any other server in any chat.

  • While a private Discord channel for your town members is permitted, refrain from sharing it outside your town or utilizing it for advertising purposes.

  • Avoid advertising any related services such as content creation channels, other Minecraft servers, other games, etc.

Reporting Procedures

For effective rule enforcement and maintaining a positive gaming environment, please adhere to the following reporting guidelines:

  • Directly report any players breaking rules to staff, providing proof/evidence whenever possible through our discord tickets.

  • If reporting a staff member, please message an admin directly via Discord.

  • Multiple false reports lacking evidence may lead to punitive measures.

  • Avoid creating blank tickets; instead, promptly respond with details regarding your issue.

Policy on IRL Trading

To maintain fairness and integrity within LumaMC, please be aware of the following guidelines regarding real-world trading:

  • IRL Trading (in-game money/items for real money) is not supported by LumaMC.

  • Payments conducted outside of our platforms cannot be tracked or confirmed by us.

  • Trading store items for in-game money is permissible as it is trackable.

  • Trading in-game money for real money is strictly prohibited, as we cannot track such transactions.

Guidelines on Griefing and Stealing

Griefing or defacing any player's builds without permission is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Placing blocks within 10 chunks of another town/claim.

  • Breaking blocks within 10 chunks of another town/claim.

  • Defacing unclaimed areas.

Not replanting crops.

  • Any form of damage to another player's builds/town.

  • Stealing items, loot, mob drops, etc., from other players is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Using a map to steal map art.

  • Following players during an event to steal items/loot.

  • Copying designs/builds from another player without permission.

  • Towns in ruin may be claimed after 1 month upon player request.

  • Claiming towns/chunks within 10 chunks of another town without permission may result in the town/claim being removed. In the case of an accident, the town may be moved.

PVP Guidelines

To maintain a fair and enjoyable PvP experience, please adhere to the following rules:

  • PvP is allowed only when both players provide consent. Attacking a player without their consent will result in punishment.

  • Utilize /warp pvp to ensure you don't lose items or experience points while engaging in friendly battles.

Redstone and Farm Regulations

To ensure optimal server performance, kindly observe the following guidelines related to redstone contraptions and farms: Strictly prohibited are:

  • Lag machines.

  • Flying machines.

  • Mob farms that spawn an unreasonable number of mobs.

  • Zero tick farms.

  • Auto-brewers and cookers are permitted within redstone limits, as long as they do not cause immense lag.

  • Avoid spawning a high number of bosses or mobs, such as Withers, Snow Golems, etc.

  • Any Redstone machine that causes lag to the server will be removed without warning.

Mute and Ban Policy

To maintain a respectful and orderly community, please adhere to the following guidelines regarding mutes and bans:

  • It is strictly prohibited to work around a mute. This includes using signs, books, paper, or any other method to communicate with players in-game.

  • If you react negatively while muted, your punishment may be escalated. It is crucial to address the issue directly with staff in private channels.

Policy on Customizable Items

  • The use of inappropriate or disrespectful names, skins, tags, map art, signs, pixel art, books, etc. (anything customizable) may lead to a ban until the content is changed.


  • Renamed or edited items should not result in chat spam when showcased; hence, names and lores must not be excessively long.

  • When in doubt, it is recommended to seek guidance from any staff member.

Policy on Unfair Advantage

Within our community, maintaining a fair and level playing field is of utmost importance. To uphold this standard, we strictly prohibit any form of unfair advantage, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mods that grant players an unfair advantage. If uncertain about a mod's permissibility, please seek clarification from staff first.

  • Usage of cheaty clients.

  • Employment of X-ray mechanisms.

  • Automatic functions such as auto mining or clicking.

  • Any form of macros or programs designed to provide an advantage.

  • Exploiting bugs or accidental in-game features for personal gain.

  • Before using any mods, especially if uncertain about their permissibility, please consult with the staff for approval.

Policy on Alternate Accounts: Maintaining multiple accounts, also known as alts, is strictly prohibited within our community, this includes:

  • Account sharing.

  • Utilizing an alternate account to evade a ban.

  • Leveraging an alternate account for unfair advantages, such as claiming referral rewards or acquiring additional event items.

Punishment Rules

To maintain a fair and consistent disciplinary system, please be aware of the following rules:

  • Punishments are handled on a case-by-case basis, and no two instances of rule-breaking will necessarily receive the same punishment.

  • Previous punishments (including warnings) may be considered when determining consequences, especially if there is a lack of behavioral improvement.

  • Any attempt to evade punishments is strictly against the rules.

Conversations with other players, regardless of the setting related to the server, are subject to the same rules. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • DMs between two LumaMC players.

  • Discord channels created specifically for any Town in-game.

  • Emails or any other form of digital communication between players.

  • Adhering to these rules helps maintain a fair and respectful gaming environment for all players. Violation of these rules may lead to consequences.

NOTE: These rules are subject to change at any time. LumaMC staff reserves the right to administer punishment based on any grounds they deem necessary to maintain a healthy and enjoyable community environment. Players are encouraged to stay informed about any updates or modifications to the rules.

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