📦 Resource Pack

LumaMC uses a custom resource pack to show textures not in vanilla minecraft such as: Emojis, Item Wraps, Furniture, and more. The resource pack is not necessary to play on LumaMC but not all features will be visible to players that do not have the resource pack enabled. The resource pack takes usually only a few seconds to apply though this can change depending on if your client needs to re-download the resource pack from the server or depending on your computer's performance.

How do I enable the resource pack?

Luma's resource pack is sent upon joining the server. If you rejected the resource pack in the past you might have to re-enable it from your game's server selector. If you don't have LumaMC added as a sever, click on "Add Server" on your multiplayer list and fill in the values shown in the screenshot below

Finally, click done. If you already have LumaMC added as a server, click it once on your multiplayer list and then click "Edit". Click on the "Server Resource Packs" button until it says "Server Resource Packs: Enabled" and then click done. That's all! The resource pack will automatically be applied to you upon joining.

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